Even Presidents deal with asthma and allergies!

In Honor of President’s Day, let me share some information on U.S. Presidents (or family members) with asthma or allergies. Allergies and asthma can affect all ages, races, genders and even political parties. Let’s take a look back in history…

Malia Obama (President Obama’s daughter) has peanut allergies. President Barack Obama, our 45th President, shared with reporters that Malia has a peanut allergy when he signed into law a bill that allowed stock epinephrine to be available in schools for those who may experience severe allergic reactions.

Bill Clinton: Our 42nd President has significant allergic rhinitis triggered by house dust, mold spores, cat dander and pollen (weed and grass). Allergy injections were prescribed and well tolerated. He also has reflux esophagitis, and this, in addition to his allergies, likely contributed to his hoarse voice.

John F. Kennedy: Our 35th President had asthma triggered by allergies including dog, dust and horses. The steroids prescribed to treat his Addison’s disease likely also helped control his asthma and allergies.

Calvin Coolidge: Our 30th President suffered from allergies and attacks of asthma. Because he distrusted physicians, he self-treated with medications, and even breathed chlorine released into the air of a closed room. These attempts proved futile at alleviating his asthma.

Woodrow Wilson: Our 28th President developed asthma as an adult. However, strokes and subsequent paralysis were far more problematic for him.

Theodore Roosevelt: Our 26th President had severe asthma since infancy. His parents tried all available remedies at the time and even travelled worldwide in an attempt to find a healthier climate. His asthma seemed to improve as he began vigorous exercise (boxing) as an adult.

Martin Van Buren: Our 8th President developed cough and shortness of breath at age 40. He was diagnosed with “malignant catarrh” which is now commonly known as asthma. He suffered for 40 years and eventually died of respiratory complications at age 79.

At Family Allergy Asthma & Sinus Care, we recognize that asthma and allergies can afflict anyone and do not have to rule your life.