Declare your Independence from Allergies!

This 4th of July weekend is a time to celebrate our country’s freedom, liberty and independence! That means getting outdoors and enjoying fireworks, baseball, parades, and firing up the grill for hot dogs.

In Charlotte, individuals with grass pollen allergy may cringe at the thought of spending hours outdoors when it is warm and windy with billions of grass pollen grains streaming through the air coming to rest on those moist surfaces of the eye and nose. This microscopic interaction of pollen proteins and the allergic antibody (IgE) on mast cells in the conjunctiva (eye) and nasal membranes leads to a major outpouring of histamine and other inflammatory mediators. The resulting itching, sneezing fits, drippy nose, watery red eyes and fatigue are exasperating.

Add to that pollen, smoke from fireworks, the grill, old cars in a parade and your uncle’s cigar just adds insult to injury. These nonspecific irritants can themselves lead to eye, nose, throat irritation and asthma symptoms. To minimize symptoms, keep your distance!

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, it’s not the “Red coats” that are threatening, it’s the yellow jackets. Yes, yellow jackets can frequently be found at outdoor events such as picnics scavenging for food. These vespids can sting more than once– inflicting pain and, in those with venom allergy, a potentially fatal reaction.

The menu calls for an outstanding variety of foods. However, you food-allergic patients need to stay on high alert. Picnics where food is unlabeled can be hazardous to your health. Note: hot dogs may contain milk protein! Don’t forget to bring your self-injectable epinephrine along.

It’s time to take action and declare freedom and independence from allergies! At Family Allergy Asthma & Sinus Care, we take the time to develop a personalized action plan to allow you to fully enjoy all this holiday has to offer!