A "Talking" Epinephrine injector is now available

Yes, you heard that right…a talking Epinephrine injector!

A breakthrough in Epinephrine auto-injector design is here and is available now. The Auvi-Q™ by Sanofi, is a self-injectable epinephrine device that provides audio and visual cues to assist with the administration of Epinephrine. Hence the name Auvi!!

Epinephrine is the drug of choice to treat severe allergic reactions termed anaphylaxis. In an allergic emergency such as anaphylaxis it is crucial to be able to properly administer the medication quickly. This could be self-administration or administration by a family member, friend, teacher or co-worker. The epinephrine is injected into the outer part of the thigh and NOT into the buttock or a vein.

The device has a retractable needle mechanism (for those who don’t want to see the needle), a 5-second hold time and is compact in size and shape. The 2 doses available are the same as those currently available with the Epi-Pen and Epi-Pen, Jr. Prices are comparable.

The Auvi-Q injector will literally….”talk you through.” If you want to hear and see it for yourself, go to https://www.auvi-q.com/hcp The teen demonstrating is calm and nonchalant, the device voice is a bit “mechanical” but very easy to understand.

Now there is another choice for patients at risk for anaphylaxis. Can you hear me now?