Tricks or Treat!

Halloween night is always a special night for children. Trick-or-treating is a ritual they all look forward to every year.  That fun night could turn into a nightmare if your child accidently ingests food that he or she is allergic to.  One of your stops could end up being the Emergency Department.   That innocent looking food that should be a treat may actually be a trick!  Some individually wrapped candies may not be labeled with ingredients and food allergy warnings.

Some helpful Halloween Allergy Tips:

  1. Parents, sort through your child’s candy before the wrappers start coming off.
  2. Beware of individually wrapped candies that do not contain ingredient labels.
  3. Carry your self-injectable epinephrine (Epi-Pen® with you while Trick-or-Treating.
  4. Beware of “homemade” treats where the ingredients are not known.
  5. If in doubt, throw it out!

Following these tips will give your children a safer Trick-or-Treat experience.  Wishing them Happy Haunting!